5 Things We Learned About Terry Richardson From His New York Magazine Cover Story

June 16, 2014 7:48 PM

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He speaks! The allegations, it seems, will not subside, and so Terry Richardson invited New York magazine into Terryworld to see what reporter Benjamin Wallace might be able to knock loose from the scandalous narrative. The feature isn’t exactly a game-changer as far as Richardson’s current position in the public eye goes—if you despise the photographer for his behavior, you will not likely have your mind changed; if you’re one of his supporters, there are no new allegations here that will cause you to question your position. Beyond that, here are the five things we gleaned about Richardson from the story.

After all, much of the controversy is rooted in Twitter (where H&M distanced itself from him over the allegations), Facebook (where one model falsely claimed Richardson contacted her about shooting a photo in exchange for sexual favors), and Reddit (where Charlotte Waters posted a graphic descriptio...

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