5 Things Holding You Back From Going Full Vegan

August 19, 2014 12:43 PM

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My husband and I have been quasi-vegetarians for the past four years. We don't eat chicken or red meat (including pork) but we do consume eggs, dairy and fish. We've had many conversations about the possibility of going full vegan but there was always something prohibiting us from taking the 100-percent animal-free plunge. Then my husband Andy (a marathon runner) read a book about a vegan ultra-marathoner and his mind was set. For Andy, it was now vegan -- or bust.

His inspiration and gradual transformation to the sole plant world has inspired me to do some serious soul searching on the reasons why many of my chicken -- and beef-free patients have not been able to achieve their vegan dreams. What holds each and every one of us back differs but throughout my ye...

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