5 Seconds Of Summer Get Vulnerable In 'Amnesia' Music Video

July 31, 2014 10:02 PM

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Experimental music producer and rapper Flying Lotus (nee, Steve Ellison) has described his track "Tiny Tortures" as his little mischievous track about trying to write music while everyone's asleep. Director David Lewandowski describes his video for the track as a story about a survivor-guilt-ridden, drug-addled amputee that's part Akira, part Enter the Void. Oh, and it stars Elijah Wood as a man who, in a hallucinatory stupor, recreates his lost arm with incidental objects. It's photoreal animation at its headtrippiest.

If Bjork's "Mutual Core" bears more than passing resemblance to director Andrew Thomas Huang's Slamdance-winning experimental short "Solipsist" it's because the Icelandic chanteuse commissioned Huang to recreate his spectacular work for her. A blend of blend of live action, puppetry and animation, t...

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