5 Recent Female Duos Who Should Actually Lead True Detective 3

April 16, 2015 3:01 PM

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At a young age, many aspiring writers dream of becoming private investigators; perhaps like you, I was one of these. Over the years, however, my childish dream became a solid, concrete prospect for the future. It took the form of an elaborate vision in which, at 65, I would be just like Diane Keaton in Manhattan Murder Mystery: happily married to Woody Allen, I can already see myself instill in my man the doubt that our neighbor has been killed by her respective husband. Woody accuses me of reading too many detective novels, but in the very end, the doubt assails him and our secret investigation begins -- along with a second phase, the most romantic and serene one, of our troubled marriage.

Since I still have 40 years in front of me without any murder nor mystery to solve, in the meantime, I keep saying to myself, thank God Nic Pizzolatto wrote and created True Detective. The striking, original HBO anthology series which, during its first season, gave us everything we wanted to see in ...

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