5 Questions Every 10k First-Timer Asks

October 9, 2014 5:50 PM

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5 Questions Every 10k First-Timer Asks

Trying new things is particularly important when it comes to fitness. Doing so not only staves off boredom (which kills motivation to exercise -- period), but also helps keep you body guessing so you'll continue to see results from your hard work. And what better way to do just that than to sign up for a race distance that you haven't yet conquered? Of course when you're new to anything, be it fitness-related or not, you're bound to have tons of questions. Aside from running-specific advice, there's nutrition, gear, and sports psychology to consider! Here, I've called out five of the most common questions we hear from virgin 10k runners prepping for the Women's Health Run10Feed10 race. Whether you're running one of our upcoming races, or just thinking about signing up for a 10k in the near future, these answers should come in handy!

Do I need to "carb up" before the race? Nope. While taking in more carbs in the days leading up to longer distances, like the marathon, is advised, it's not necessary for a 10k. You do, however, want to be sure you're eating smart, well, always, but especially so in the week before your race. Partic...

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