The 5 Pearls of Wisdom Not Taught in MBA Programs

August 1, 2014 9:47 PM

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The 5 Pearls of Wisdom Not Taught in MBA Programs

At 34, my business started much like my yoga career did, by necessity. I didn't chose to be a yoga instructor, it chose me. At the time, it was only supposed to be so that as the program director I could step in when the yoga teacher "no showed" a class. I took a "weekend warrior" certification. I liked yoga, but I didn't want to teach it. About the time I did that, we hired a new teacher who was very committed and I never had to teach.

When I left that job to pursue a new career, I basically forgot all about the long list of certifications, especially the yoga. They were on my resume, though. Six months later, my internship for my new career ended and a week later 9/11 happened. Jobs froze. I searched and searched until finally, o...

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