The 5 Faults With Forgiveness

December 11, 2014 4:34 PM

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Forgiveness is a much-preached-about and also much condemned topic. The reality is, in being human we go through pains that are not excusable, justifiable or reconcilable. Yet we are taught if we do not forgive that we are, now, also immoral and doomed to live in some sort of an emotional prison of hatred and resentment. We are taught that to not forgive is a form of self-punishment in tandem to being an offense perpetrated by us against the person, situation or circumstance which was harmful. Clearly, it is not healthy to harbor hateful, angry and depressed feelings for a lifetime against that which harmed us, and yet we can not forgive a wrong and still be healthy. Perhaps the concept of "acceptance" is a healthy alternative to "forgiveness."

1) Not forgiving persecutes the victim: If someone does something reprehensible to us, under the concept of forgiveness, the burden of responsibility for healing switches over to the victim, who now must forgive for any healing to occur for the victim and/or perpetrator. We are taught if we don't fo...

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