5 Easy and Fun Tips to Bring Intimacy Back Into Your Marriage

January 23, 2015 6:08 PM

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A few months ago, I was having coffee with some mom friends and one of them asked how many times a week my husband and I have sex. I paused, having to think about it and then blurted out "three or four times." There was a collective gasp. I couldn't tell if the gasp was because it was too little or too much. So, I then made them tell me how many times they were having sex. "Not since the baby was born" (this "baby" is 2.5 yrs old), "once a month," "once a week on a good week" were some of their answers. WHAT???

"I'm WAY too tired." "I'm completely ashamed of my body and can't imagine getting naked in front of my husband." "I'm terrified that my husband will reject me." "We don't go to sleep at the same time, so there is just no time." "I'm just flat out not interested." "We have sex, but I just lay there a...

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