4 Underrated Drug Movies | Anna David

August 11, 2014 4:12 PM

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Oh, Go -- you are, to me, a true 90s masterpiece ("Semi Charmed Life" on the soundtrack! Jokes about Mazda Miata's!). Directed by a post-Swingers, pre-Bourne Doug Lyman, Go can make any victim of the Comic Book movie 2000s long for the days when indie movies were prevalent. I mean, where else can you see Jay Mohr and Scott Wolf as gay soap actor boyfriends trying to get out of trouble by setting up Sarah Polley to be their drug dealer? Or Timothy Olyphant as the sexiest drug dealer imaginable macking with a pre-Cruise'd Katie Holmes on a stairway? Drug movies don't tend to be this funny or original but then again, they don't tend to have Polley and Holmes getting away with selling allergy medicine as ecstasy, Breckin Meyer doing the wigger thing in a way that is (I swear to God) laugh-out-loud hilarious and a ridiculous Amway pitch courtesy of Jane Krakowski and William Fichtner. Sure, there's no real drugs-are-dangerous message but hey, drugs can also be gloriously fun (why else would we have done them to the sort of excess we did?). And personally I'd rather laugh at this version than cower at a pedantic alternative.

Speaking of the 90s, this Quentin Tarantino-written, Tony Scott-directed gem stars a who's-who of talents both still with us (Christopher Walken and Samuel L. Jackson) and sadly gone (Dennis Hopper, Chris Penn and James Gandolfini, not to mention director Scott). Managing to mesh love-at-first-sight...

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