4 Tips for Entrepreneurs to Avoid Burnout

August 25, 2014 4:30 PM

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4 Tips for Entrepreneurs to Avoid Burnout

You might think that the beauty of becoming an entrepreneur is all about "being your own boss." While that's an undeniable benefit, as the entrepreneur you are responsible for everything. As the founder of Grokker.com, the wellness video network, I can tell you first hand that entrepreneurs are very much at risk of burnout. Spurned on by passion and impatience, we push ourselves and our teams as we strive to change the world. This all-consuming drive often inspires others to action yet simultaneously creates the very real danger of burnout. While another overly zealous entrepreneur burning out isn't in and of itself catastrophic, the much greater danger is of you burning out your team in the process.

Startup culture often idealizes stories of founders and their mighty teams who spend countless 18-hour days coding and sleeping under their desks eating nothing but pizza. Don't get me wrong -- there are certainly times when all out sprints may be necessary. However, building and leading a successfu...

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