4 Questions To Ask Yourself When You're Feeling Stuck

August 1, 2014 12:23 PM

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4 Questions To Ask Yourself When You're Feeling Stuck

Talking to a close family or friend was the most popular way to deal with stress in the survey, and this social support is a tried-and-true stress-buster, experts say. Not only is it comforting, a strong social network may actually ward off mental illness on a genetic level, according to a 2007 review. Talking to someone who can sympathize can also help normalize the stressful experiences, says Bourdeau. "Someone who is able to say, 'I've experienced that too' can make stress more manageable," she tells HuffPost. Plus, just hearing yourself talk through what's bothering you helps begin the problem-solving process, she says. Just make sure to talk to the right person, writes the American Psychological Association. If you're stressed about a family matter at the moment, calling home may not be the best solution.

Breathing deeply might sound trivial in the face of the greater challenges of the day, but there's a reason 55 percent of survey respondents say it's how they handle stress. A few deep breaths tell your body that it's time to chill out. "It's physiologically impossible to be both stressed and relaxe...

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