31 Things You Learn By The Time You're 40

April 6, 2015 1:38 PM

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31 Things You Learn By The Time You're 40

Only Hadley (and perhaps Keanu Reeves) can get away with using the word awesome. This book is so compelling that you will have to quickly overcome any aversion to 'that word' as after reading it you will find that you will be unable to resist quoting segments of Hadley's text in daily conversations. Hadley herself is a great lover of quotes and she expertly weaves snippets of dialogue from classic films such as The Princess Bride and Ghostbusters into chapters on life as a modern woman.

This short story chillingly depicts a woman's descent into psychosis when her husband locks her in a room and forbids her from working. First published in 1892 it is a brave portrayal of the contemporary attitudes towards women's physical and mental health.

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