3 Yoga Poses That Can Do Wonders For Your Sleep

October 20, 2014 2:48 PM

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3 Yoga Poses That Can Do Wonders For Your Sleep

Your mother was right -- you should tidy up those sheets: People who make their bed every day are 19 percent more likely to report a better night's rest, according to a poll by the National Sleep Foundation. "Research shows that people with sleep problems who use their bed only for sleep improve their rest," says Judith Davidson, PhD, author of Sink into Sleep: A Step-by-Step Workbook for Reversing Insomnia. Plus, when your bed is neat and tidy, you're less tempted to crawl in to read a book or talk on the phone.

Getting natural sunlight on your face within two hours of waking helps sync your internal clock to the environment, says Robert Rosenberg, medical director of the Sleep Disorders Center in Flagstaff, Arizona. When your body is aligned with nature's light-dark cycle, the release of melatonin will reg...

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