3 Ways to Be More Thankful This Thanksgiving

November 24, 2014 6:21 PM

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Gratitude is the most powerful prayer. It can heal our pain and multiply our happiness. Adversely, complaining is a sure shot way to add misery to our lives. In a moment of pure honesty, ask yourself how often you feel thankful about your life. In my work as a spiritual advisor, I've realized that many people only notice their blessings when they are facing trouble. For instance, we feel the importance of our leg only when it's hurt or in pain. We feel thankful for our job only after we've been fired and can't find anything better. We may feel bitter in a relationship, but then we realize its importance after it has ended.

The practice of gratitude is essential to adding joy and meaning to life. Meditation is meaningless without gratitude. With gratitude, meditation can become the most important tool for manifesting the life you desire. Here are three ways you can put gratitude into practice and be more thankful this ...

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