3 Things I Loved About the Worst Day of My Life

July 31, 2014 4:22 PM

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I've been writing a lot lately about what it's like to walk through adversity with grace, or how it feels to remember that we are (all of us) only as strong as we will LET ourselves be, and I've come to some pretty startling conclusions. For one thing, none of us stay down for very long. Human beings, as a whole, are a colonial species -- we crave connection -- and, as such, will usually embed ourselves within a pretty strong support network. This is hard-wired into our genes, it seems (after all, we needed to gather our resources to survive, even as far back as the caveman days; it took a lot of us to bring down a wooly mammoth to feed our young) and we have to work pretty hard to go against this natural instinct to be a part of a group, especially when we feel isolated or at wit's end. The problem is, we want the connection but, a lot of the time, we don't want to do the work for it. I wanted connection, but I isolated and shot dope and judged people instead.

I've also discovered that, despite our inherent need for love and support from other people, many of us find it increasingly difficult to actually reach out and ASK for help, no matter how dire the circumstance. Much of this is the product of our upbringing; I, myself, was taught never to betray the...

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