3 Pieces Of Marriage Advice From 'Marry Me's' Casey Wilson And David Caspe

September 17, 2014 9:42 PM

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Married: September 4, 1988 – present Duration: 26 years How you know them: She’s The Closer. He’s the baby-faced star of FOX’s The Following, along with dozens—hundreds? thousands?—of movies like Footloose, Apollo 13, and Mystic River. How they met: Filming the play Lemon Sky for PBS in the late ‘80s. Sedgwick wasn’t too fond of Bacon at first (“He wasn't very friendly, he had an attitude.”), and he knew it (“I was more into her than she was into me. I think she found me cocky and pretentious.”). He asked her out a few times. She eventually broke down, and they married months later.

Married: July 16, 1988 – present Duration: 26 years How you know them: He’s played Marty McFly, Alex P. Keaton, and many more all-American wiseasses. She’s a film and TV actress whose most notable role was playing Fox’s girlfriend on Family Ties. They’re both heavily involved in funding research for...

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