3 Paradigm Shifts to a Better Life

October 22, 2014 11:04 PM

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3 Paradigm Shifts to a Better Life

About 10 years ago (or was it 15? I seem to take five years off of everything I remember to make me feel younger), back in my corporate executive days, the 'Corporate Word of the Year' was paradigm. You know what I mean, right? Every year or so, the corporate world buzzes with some new word or phrase. Laser focus. At the end of the day (add calming observation, here). Synergy. Disruptive innovation. Mindshare. Shout them out, I'm sure you all know a few of them, including whatever word or phrase that is most popular right now. Paradigm was used when talking about doing something differently. "We have a new paradigm." "We need to consider a new paradigm." "Try to imagine a new paradigm." "Let's create a new paradigm." "It's a paradigm shift."

Currently, as an executive health and leadership coach (dabbling in a bit of life coaching), I use the idea of reframing constantly. I try very hard not to talk about a paradigm shift, but when we reframe something (a situation, a conversation, a decision, a fear, a belief), we are creating a new id...

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