3 Myths That Keep You From Reaching Your Goals

February 9, 2015 2:24 PM

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3 Myths That Keep You From Reaching Your Goals

Fact: We tend to think of willpower as something that can be depleted. But a growing body of research suggest that isn't so and that we may, in fact, have control over our self control. In a Stanford University study, participants were prompted to regard willpower as either limited or limitless, and then asked to complete a cognitively challenging task. The result: Those who believed willpower was unlimited performed better on a subsequent test of self-control than people who thought the opposite. The next time you worry about your wobbly willpower, just think: It's all in your mind.

Fact: Although widely touted, that oft-quoted number has no real science to back it up. "The length of time it takes to establish new habits depends on the person and the complexity of the behavior," says University of Southern California psychology professor Wendy Wood, PhD. So while one study foun...

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