3 Energy Draining Habits That Successful People Totally Avoid, and How to Change Them

February 9, 2015 6:18 PM

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We have the impression that the main energy drainers in our lives are the huge problems that create crises either at work, in our personal relationships or in our health. But we underestimate certain little daily habits that are probably also pulling our energy down, making us feel tired, constantly anxious and much less productive and creative than we would like to be. We usually underestimate these habits thinking they are common and inoffensive, but they actually have a big impact on our body's chemistry and on our mood, creating in us that feeling of been depleted of energy.

I have experienced these three specific habits that I mention below. I have to say that when I stopped practicing them my life got lighter and much clearer, more sober and grounded. Check them out... maybe you practice one of them. Changing them can really upgrade your well-being.

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