3 Easy Steps to Manifest Anything

July 30, 2014 3:12 PM

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3 Easy Steps to Manifest Anything

A New Belief Many years ago when I was just starting my career, I was frustrated at my inability to breakout of the pack and move -- faster, quicker, more rapidly -- up the corporate chain. I had a friend who I saw win interview after interview with top companies in our city, even though she, admittedly, was not the go-getter type. I asked her how she managed to land these great opportunities and her response dramatically changed my belief system, and therefore, my life.

"Getting the interview is easy," she said. "It's keeping the job that is the difficult part for me." And for her, this statement could not have been more true. My friend repeatedly started new jobs, only to be promptly laid-off, or have the company go under, or simply realize the fit was wrong for h...

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