14 Things I Wish Would Just Stay in 2014

December 29, 2014 8:51 PM

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There were a couple of things that snuck back into 2014 from the year 2013 -- like the overwhelming amount of selfies we take and post and hashtag with a myriad of unnecessary and apparent things, like: #HePutaRingOnIt (obviously he did -- or he just brought you to Kay Jewelers and made you try on a ring as a cruel April Fool's Day Joke) or #TBT on a photo that looks like a younger, less stressed version of your 20-something self-doing something you no longer have the time or savings account to do, like jumping off a cliff in Croatia or buying organic fruit at the farmer's market.

1. The Ice Bucket Challenge It was a genius idea to help raise money for ALS, yet the majority of the people who filmed themselves "o00ohing and ahhhing" as a bucket of ice water flopped on top of their head probably can't tell you what ALS stands for -- or what the disease actually is.

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