13 Photos Of Humans Simply Being Good To One Another

February 13, 2015 9:40 PM

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To honor the memory of a soldier who was killed in action, Jeff Beurline corded off a special spot at his local bar in Connecticut for Lt. Michael P. Murphy. Beurline bought Murphy -- or "Murph," as he was known by friends -- a Guinness and propped a reserved sign on the beer alongside an American flag. The bartender not only agreed to pour random strangers a Guinness throughout the day, but also offered to pay the costs. Read Beurline's account of the act of kindness in his post on Seal of Honor's Facebook page. (Image via Facebook, Jeff Beurline).

A McDonald's surveillance camera caught a San Diego police officer's small -- but powerful -- act of kindness on tape. What makes the moment special is not the act itself, but that it happened mere minutes before the officer, Jeremy Henwood, was gunned down in his patrol car.

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