13 Hours in Islamabad

December 8, 2014 2:34 PM

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13 Hours in Islamabad

When "Homeland" left off two weeks ago, we didn't know if Carrie, Redmond and Saul were hurt or even alive. This week opened to find Carrie and Saul disoriented and bloodied. Redmond has been killed, a shard of glass in his neck indicates the cause. While the marines are surveying the explosion area and rescuing those involved -- Carrie and Saul included -- the ambassador is panicking back at the embassy. She informs Quinn that she believes the attack on the convoy to be a diversion so the ISI can infiltrate the embassy via the underground tunnel. Quinn takes charge, issues an embassy lockdown and checks in with the marines on site so they can return. Post Quinn's check in, more hell breaks loose and sniper fire overtakes the already burning convoy.

The already injured Carrie crouches behind a car with Saul and calls Aasar Khan for help. Aasar Khan, in the car with Tasneem, moves to telephone aid to the convoy site only to be stopped by Tasneem. Her insistence that he wait to place the call reveals to Aasar Khan that she's been working with Haq...

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