12 Year Old Alexis Shapiro Loses 50 Pounds After Gastric Bypass

December 14, 2014 2:15 AM

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This story might sound like a stereotypical kid that was overfeed by their parents, but the story of Alexis Shapiro goes much deeper than that. Just 3 years ago, Alexis was a tiny little 50 pound girl who became seriously ill from a benign brain tumor. Her strange story of weight gain didn’t begin until after doctors saved her life by removing the brain tumor from her skull. What happened after that was a bit of a medical mystery.

Due to some unexpected consequence caused by the removal of Alexis’ brain tumor, she was left with the feeling of always being hungry. This caused increase her food intake dramatically until she swelled up to her 200 pound weight. At only the age of 12, her 200 pound body was not in a healthy state,...

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