12 thoughts about Marvel's big announcement

October 28, 2014 11:09 PM

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1. Nothing actually happened today. The Internet goes crazy for announcements, and today might very well go down in history as the single most announcement-y announcement in the history of superhero movies or movies or pop culture or human history. But an announcement is not a movie. Anticipation is another word for enjoying something that doesn’t exist yet. Currently, here on the Internet, there are bizarre people hurling insult grenades at critics who have committed the sin of liking but not loving Interstellar—a movie that none of the bizarre people hurling insult grenades have actually seen. Maybe they will never actually see Interstellar. Anticipation, when it builds up for months or years, can blind you. That is not a culture that loves watching movies; that is a culture that loves looking forward to movies. The Superhero Movie era is an era of announcements. We’re all just unpaid publicists now. The system is in place now; it can’t change. Forget it, Jake, it’s Comic-Con.

2. Click here to see precisely what Marvel did announce today. But here is what Marvel did not announce today. A director for Thor: Ragnarok. A director for Black Panther. A star for Captain Marvel. A star for Doctor Strange. A cinematographer for Inhumans. A set designer for Avengers: Infinity War,...

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