12 Lessons Life Will Teach You (Sometimes the Hard Way)

August 25, 2014 3:29 PM

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12 Lessons Life Will Teach You (Sometimes the Hard Way)

I'm a whopping 27 years old (in cat years, I am more). And while I can't compare to the wisdom of sages or Tibetan monks, I've learned a fair share of lessons in my relatively short time on earth. One of the first foresights I came to understand is that, ultimately, we all endure the same hardships: death, betrayal, divorce, heartache, illness, financial struggles -- these are the woes we inevitably awaken to. Next, I learned that I learn best by observing others: I telescope in on their desires and fears, their regrets and mistakes. And while I've made plenty of mistakes myself, I've also refrained from certain critical errors by remembering the consequences I've seen others pay. Sometimes we can know just as much about the battle by watching from a distance as we can by marching into it.

Never take what isn't yours. When you take what doesn't belong to you, it will be taken right back from you -- perhaps at a later time or by different means. But what isn't yours won't remain for good. Find people and create things you can truly call your own.

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