100 Ways to Connect Intimately With Your Partner

January 13, 2015 4:51 PM

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Frequently, couples come in to counseling feeling lonely and disconnected. They tell me that they don't talk or connect much during the course of an average day. I think this is a real issue, but their thresholds for what they consider "connected" may not be reasonable. When you're not in the honeymoon stage anymore and instead in "monotogamy," it's tough to feel that spark or constant unspoken (or spoken) level of intimacy and connection. Kids can make this even worse; they interrupt conversations, need things all the time, and even all their sweet cuddling can leave parents (especially moms) feeling "touched out."

The positive news is that it doesn't actually take that much time to rekindle feelings of closeness. But it does take intentionality and commitment to taking a small amount of time each day to maintain or rebuild your connection. Since you guys really liked my 100 date night questions post, I will n...

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