'The 100' season 2 finale recap: 'Blood Must Have Blood, Part Two'

March 12, 2015 2:15 AM

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How does one even begin a recap an episode like that? Last week’s “Blood Must Have Blood, Part One” started chipping away at what we were expecting in a finale—and “Part Two” just blew up those expectations completely. Everyone had theories about what might happen with the Sky People/Mountain Men confrontation, and some of those came true. But if you foresaw THAT ending coming, well your name must be Jason Rothenberg. And we all bow down to you. This was exactly what a season finale should be—shocking, but not just for shock value—there was character growth, deaths, and deep revelations that will carry us into season 3—which I already can’t wait for. But before I get carried away, let’s talk “Blood Must Have Blood, Part Two.”

Octavia, being left in the tunnels by Jackson and Indra, is still just waiting. It doesn’t seem like she has a plan, but she is excited when she hears the chute open … until she sees it’s Fox. Naturally, she prepares for the Reaper who’s coming to claim the body. Except it’s Clarke—and unhinged Clar...

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