10 Years Later, 448 Pounds Lost, 1 Life-Changing Procedure

July 18, 2014 12:49 PM

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10 Years Later, 448 Pounds Lost, 1 Life-Changing Procedure

At 19 years old, my doctor hit me with the harsh reality that I was killing myself. Literally. My addiction to food was greater than anything else in my life and I wasn't going to make it to my 25th birthday. We had tried everything. Diet pills. Workout regiments. Limited food intake. Nothing worked. The combination of bad genetics, a low income upbringing which led to eating poorly, verbal abuse from everyone in my life because of my weight; I had felt completely defeated. I was fighting a battle I knew I was going to loose. My doctor suggested having Gastric Bypass and insisted about putting me on the wait list for it. At the time, the procedure was still pretty new and the only doctor in the tri-state area performing it, was only allowed to do 300-400 procedures a year because of how much it cost a hospital to have it based on how fast insurance companies were paying them for it. Being allowed to have gastric bypass was kind of like getting a golden ticket from Willy Wonka. Year after year, there was no update on when I was going to get my gold ticket.

Now in addition to dealing with this addiction, I was struggling with something else. I was gay. I was a 648-pound gay man. The internal battle I was facing was real. Being gay and being overweight just do not go hand in hand in the eyes of the LGBT community. I was so lost but yet portraying an ima...

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