10 Things People Don't Understand About 'Serial' Unless You're a Criminal Attorney

December 24, 2014 3:44 PM

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Yes, I'm as obsessed as everyone about the most popular podcast ever, "Serial," which has resulted in the inevitable discussions and theory trading with everyone I know. I've even listened to some of the podcasts about "Serial," but in reading and listening to all of the commentary (yes, I couldn't resist taking a peek at the Subrredit), I've noticed that most people listening to the show don't know some key facts about the criminal justice system. Below are some of the most common misconceptions I've noticed about people's comprehension of the legal system which ultimately we are all beholden to. One important disclaimer: None of this is intended to support either Adnan Syed's guilt or innocence; it's simply meant to help create a more nuanced understanding of the facts.

1. Testifying in your own defense, even if you're innocent of the crime, is a huge, HUGE, risk. People, and unfortunately that includes jurors, often think, if the defendant really didn't do it, why doesn't he just tell us so. And that's a natural assumption because that's how it works in real life ...

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