10 Things Mr. Spock Taught Us About Travel

March 2, 2015 8:10 AM

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10 Things Mr. Spock Taught Us About Travel

But I also knew that getting 10 travelers in a strange town to agree on where to go for dinner is a debate that could potentially last until breakfast time. Me being the lone holdout could have easily thrown our dinner plans — and the group’s delicate dynamic — into chaos. So I bit the bullet and agreed to sushi. Was it a sacrifice akin to… oh, say, suffering massive burns and a fatal case of radiation poisoning, so you can fix your ship’s warp drive and save the lives of hundreds of your friends? Not quite. But it did serve the greater good in a small, culinary way. And sometimes such travel sacrifices can work out to your benefit: either by developing an appreciation for sushi (me) or being brought back to life in “Star Trek III” (Spock).

Poor Spock waited too long to bang the gong in this classic “Star Trek” episode (Photo: Getty Images)

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