10 Reasons New Year's Eve Isn't Worth the Hype

December 31, 2014 3:38 PM

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In the past five years, my New Year's Eve activities have ranged from staying home, to partying with high school friends, to babysitting (tip: parents pay well because it's tough to get a NYE babysitter). I've never been set on going out and getting smashed, even before getting sober almost two years ago (okay, there was that one time I got smashed -- but come on, it's a rite of passage).

This year my plans aren't anything huge either, as I am going to a small concert with my boyfriend (more fun than babysitting, I'll admit). Sure, I'm excited. But I'd be equally excited if it wasn't New Year's Eve because A) It's a night out B) It's with someone I enjoy spending time with and C) It'...

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