10 Reasons I'm Grateful for a Small(er) House

November 17, 2014 6:24 PM

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The Internet is full of posts, articles and photos of people who are embracing a more minimal lifestyle and promoting the small house movement. One guy remodeled a trash dumpster and now calls that home. Others are living in RV-like structures with only 200 to 300 square feet. While some of these homes are adorable and make the most of small spaces, only a minority of us in the U.S. will ever embrace that lifestyle for any length of time. But that doesn't mean that the focus on a small(er) home isn't worth promoting. In fact, my experience has convinced me that it was one of the best moves we ever made.

Five years ago Thom and I decided to rethink and right-size our lives. One of the biggest transformations occurred when we let go of our large suburban home and found a smaller home in a more dense and urban neighborhood. While our current home of 1,375 square feet may not be small in terms of the t...

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