10 more hot movies that got knickers in a twist

February 14, 2015 7:27 AM

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10 more hot movies that got knickers in a twist

With Fifty Shades Of Grey bestriding the zeitgeist, you might be forgiven for imagining it’s the first movie to ever feature consenting adults indulging in flagrantly steamy activities. In fact, there’s something almost quaint about the sadomasochistic ( s&m) blockbuster, with its clunky plot and reported 20 minutes of on-screen naughtiness. Far from breaking new territory for explicit cinema, the adaptation of the EL James best-seller is instead a throwback to the ‘bonkbuster’ of the seventies and eighties, a shocking-just-to-be-shocking genre we may have dared hoped had slouched into history.

Sex, in fact, has been rather old-hat at the cinema of late. You have to go back to Madonna’s greatly-derided 1993 schlock-fest Body Of Evidence for a feature that sought to create controversy by sticking its wobbly bits in your face. Until 50 Shades arrived, cracking whips and dangling handcuffs, i...

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