10 Characteristics of Friendships That Keep

December 21, 2014 2:36 PM

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Yesterday my boyfriend said one of the most poignant things anyone has ever said to me: "If you are defined by the friends you keep, then you win that." He elaborated further and said, "to keep friends is very different from to have friends." He's right because for me, have suggests possession and something that could be fleeting or temporary. Keep makes me think of keeping track of something important, making sure not to lose that, and treasuring it. Having friends can be one sided, while being able to keep friends denotes a deep mutuality of give and take. You can have a friend, but can you keep a friend?

1. Steadfast support. My friends support me when I am down, when I am lost, when I struggle, and also when I succeed. You can call the friends you keep for help and they expect nothing in return.

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